Since I was a kid I always knew that I would be involved in creative endeavors. I would act, I would sing, I would write, I would have panic attacks. All things pointed to the arts.

But not all are blessed with courage to leap into their passions, and I too was no exception.Eventually, I decided I wanted to be all the things that I wanted to be. Because... why not. I started touring my music, acting in films, writing graphic novels, teaching performing arts, brewing mead... Because... why not.

When I was in school studying method acting, my teacher said to me "an artist doesn't have a choice but to be an artist, and artists need to express themselves." I think this always resonated with me. Which leads me to this page.

I've been called many things, but first and foremost I'm just an individual, trying to find as many ways possible to express myself in this very bizarre, sometimes beautiful, yet often messy world we all live in. And if along the way I meet interesting people, that would be nice.