Hailed by Bitetone as a “multi-functional rapper”, Joshua "MRJ3" Wolper is an independent performing artist residing in Hong Kong. Although he studied acting in San Francisco and New York City, he was always drawn to independent and underground hip-hop. He appreciated the genre’s honesty, eccentricity, and creativity. Applying his skills as an actor and writer, he would try material with other poets and MC’s at open mic and spoken word events. After moving back to Hong Kong, he was introduced to UK based producer Braincell Harmonics (Lost Pop Records).  Their first collaboration – the 5 track “Missed Her, J” EP was released in 2012. The same year he toured the EP in South Korea, performing at venues such as the inaugural Zero Festival and the epic Gwanganli Beach Soundwave Festival.

MRJ3 is back in the studio and will be releasing his new EP soon.


Free Listen: Collaboration with Music Industry College in Brisbane, Australia

Free Listen: Debut EP: Missed Her, J